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As of February 2019 we have become a Community School

Title IV, Part A - Student Support and Academic Enrichment

This federal program provides supplemental funding to help provide students with a well-rounded education, improve school conditions and improve the use of technology.  


NYC defines Community Schools as an equity strategy to organize resources and share leadership so that academics, health, youth development, and family engagement are integrated into the fabric of schools. 
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Community School Offerings


*Kinsa thermometer:  

Kinsa’s FLUency program helps stop the spread of illness in schools. For six years, FLUency has been helping entire school communities understand and respond to spreading illness so we can all stay healthier.

*Common Threads:

is a national nonprofit that provides children and families cooking and nutrition education to encourage healthy habits that contribute to wellness. We equip under-resourced communities with information to make affordable, nutritious and appealing food choices wherever they live, work, learn, and play. We know that food is rooted in culture and tradition so we promote diversity in our lessons and recipes, encouraging our participants to celebrate the world around them.

Photography Jeff Gamble: 

Jeff Gamble Photography brings sophisticated modern style to our clients through fine art portraits, heirloom quality prints, and exceptional service.

Pottery/Ceramics Noël Copeland with Monoco Design: 

Ceramics create a variety of functional and sculptural ceramics projects- cup, vase, tiles, plate and sculpture. They will use clay construction techniques such as Pinch, Coil and Slab. The students will work with underglazes and clear glaze to finish their pieces.

Dance with Wayne Daniels: 

The mission is to integrate social values and celebrate cultural diversity through the artistic expression of the performing arts, by providing dance performances, professional development and educational and community programs for all people. 

String Music with Noel Pointer Foundation (NPF): 

Noel Pointer Foundation (NPF) is a not-for-profit that dramatically enriches the lives of children by developing string music education programs for under-served communities in New York City. Through professional training, performance opportunities and college placement assistance, NPF enhances a student’s cultural and academic experience, infusing them with a positive sense of who they are and a boundless sense of what they can become.

Hey There Beautiful: 

We give females the confidence they seek in order to achieve success and abundance. Our vision is to provide support, connection, trust, inspiration and leadership skills. Through our workshops, we continually beautify communities while creating personal human connections to support empowering the world. We believe anything you can dream will flourish with hard work and perseverance

BossUp Entrepreneur: 

Program designed to educate, empower and equip participants for entrepreneurship. Participants will become versed in the fundamental elements of how to start and run a small business as they engage in step-by-step workshops outlining the process of turning ideas into a business for$2500.00 or less. From creating a viable business plan to implementing a feasible marketing strategy, participants learn the ins and outs of how to become a successful entrepreneur. Challenging participants to step up to the plate and make it happen, this workshop is created to be a powerful combination of knowledge and motivation. All of the instructors have professional as well as life experiences that reflect hose of the participants they aim to serve. These leaders from various industries including, real estate, finance, branding, mental health and beauty are a compliment to the stature of famed Yandy Smith Harris and captivating Jamila T Davis. All these women are able to empower other women with their personal stories of struggle and strife while motivating them toward success with their lessons on creating empires.

EsteemUP! Empowerment for teen girls: 

ESTEEM UP! Empowerment workshop geared to help participants increase their confidence, develop interpersonal skills, discover their gifts & talents, cultivate leadership traits and learn the art of conflict resolution. Through in-class sessions and one-on-one mentoring led by leading influencers, with fun activities and interactive field trips, participants are taught their self-worth, how to love themselves, how to properly care for and defend themselves, goal setting skills, image shaping and ways to develop specialized skills and talents. The goal of this workshop is to help teens resolve anger issues and learn to use their influence and their voice in a productive manner.

Mindfulness 392 Staff : 

In the Mindful Schools community – educators, parents, and school community members – many of us are exploring mindfulness because we’re excited to share mindfulness with our students who are facing an increasingly complex and technology-based world. Research shows that in addition to benefits for adults, youth benefit from learning mindfulness in terms of improved cognitive outcomes, social-emotional skills, and wellbeing.