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Morning Line Up/Dismissal

Morning Line-Up

Students will enter from the Legion St and Blake Avenue entrance up until 8:10AM. After 8:10AM they must use the main entrance. Please dress appropriately as we will be outside in certain temperatures.
When students arrive to school before entering the school building:


  • Play football/Contact sports
  • Play tag
  • Climb on game equipment belonging to elementary school students
  • Go to the store/leave school premises after you arrive
  • Invite students from neighboring schools to play in school yard
  • Stay in the yard on rainy/snowy days
  • Eat food or have drinks in the school yard.


  • Come into the yard when you arrive on the school perimeter
  • Line-up in an orderly fashion
  • Go into auditorium by 8:00AM
  • Socialize appropriately with your classmates


Dismissal will take place in an orderly and structured manner.  Students will  be dismissed on time and escorted by their teachers at 2:30PM to the Blake Avenue Exit. Students are to leave the school grounds and go home. Do not return to school premises after you have been dismissed. If a student has not been picked on time, they are to go to the main entrance until their escort arrives.

Parents/guardians or an adult picking up a student prior to dismissal must be listed on the blue contact card.   Adults are required to show an I.D. and must sign out students in the Main Office.  Children will be released to authorized people only. Office staff will contact the teacher to dismiss the student to the Main Office, prepared to go home.  In an effort to maintain an appropriate closure to the instructional day and maintain safety protocols, early dismissal of students between 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. will not be permitted.

No scholar is to enter the school building after dismissal.
Students that ride the bus will be escorted by the designated IS 392 staff member to the main lobby as they wait for their bus. Then they will be led out of the main entrance by an adult.