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Bank @ School with People's  Alliance Federal Credit Union

People's Alliance Federal Credit Union (PAFCU) is dedicated to educting our youth on financial responsibility at a young age. Our new and improved namk@schools program has parentnered with your child's school tp teach different topic such as the improtance of saving, how to write a check, budgetin,etc. With a PAFCU account they gave the opportunity to learn money mangagement skills.

Benefits of  Participating in Bank@ School:

1. Open thier own Savings Account
2. Deposit money with A PAFCU Rep on banking days
3. Receive prize for banking
4. Youth Share Certificates
5. Teen Checking, Teen MasterCard

What's in it for you?

Parents too can take advantage of PAFCU'S  accounts!
Open Savings Accounts with only $5.00
Set up Direct Deposit
No Fee, No Minimum Balaance Checking Accounts
Apply for Loans
Online Banking at
and much more!