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Broadway Jr.

Broadway Junior® has all the ingredients you need.... Just add kids!

Developed by renowned educators and designed to suit school assemblies as well as the energies and attention spans of younger performers, Broadway Junior® musicals are perfect for teachers or directors who are new to musical theatre and seeking to introduce students to the joys of participating in a show. 
Launched in 1996 by MTI's Chairman, Freddie Gershon, Broadway Junior®musicals are condensed, author-approved versions of classic musicals, Disney favorites and modern works, custom-tailored to the needs of young people and schools. 
The music is written in keys that are appropriate for developing voices, and all shows can be expanded to accommodate as many performers as can fit on your stage.  Our 30-minute KIDS shows are generally appropriate for performance by elementary school-aged students, and our 60-minute JR. shows are typically appropriate for performance by middle school-aged students.
The best part is that everything you need to produce your Broadway Junior®musical is included in our state-of-the-art ShowKit® of materials... and is yours to keep!