From the Principal’s Desk….

Dear 392 School Community, 


I am excited and honored to serve as your principal. This will be a year full of greatness and firsts for us all. Let me officially welcome you to the 2023-2024 school year. This school year will bring forth a new year of learning, growing, excelling, and overcoming new exciting challenges. Throughout the year you will have an opportunity to meet new people, interact with your peers and teachers. Our priorities for this school year are centered around four critical concepts:

  • Maintaining a safe and fun learning community.
  • Upholding the mission and vision of our school, which requires that students be challenged academically.

  • Provide students with opportunities to engage in real-world opportunities.
  • Empower students to be stewards of excellence and advocates for themselves and others. 

We have high expectations for our students and offer a variety of support to ensure they have an opportunity to be successful. Together we will work to set attainable goals.

Thank you for all the well wishes and support you have provided as we transition to this years’ administration. We are ready and we will continue to move forward in our pursuit of excellence.  Our priority is to uphold our mission to challenge our students academically and push scholars to work beyond their limits.

At IS 392, we will continue to inspire our students as we encourage them to engage in real-world opportunities throughout the 2023-2024 school year. With that in mind, our Instructional Focus is to ensure: “Students are prepared for college and careers through engaging and rigorous student-led instruction grounded in questioning and discussion techniques to create high-level learning experiences in all content areas.

CRSE and SEL practices are in all instructional programs”. Ultimately, we want to create student-centered classrooms and develop a community of curious thinkers, who can express themselves and solve 21st Century challenges. Collectively, we will continue to prepare students to become successful citizens at IS 392 and beyond. Students will be enhanced by immersion in various instructional initiatives and partnerships, such as AVID College and Career readiness, Socratic Seminars, SEP (Software Engineering Program,) Junior Achievement, Broadway Jr., and Teachers and Writers Collaborative. We will continue to develop our new programs such as College Access for All, Civics for All and Suit Up.


Furthermore, we intend to continue to expose our students to a multitude of enrichment opportunities through our arts programs, SONYC after-school program (daily from 2:30-5:45 p.m.,) educational trips, and provide access to innovative software and use of various technological devices. Students will be exposed to programs, such as Amplify Science and Envision Math. 


Finally, we will continue to spark the imaginations of students in many ways through design engineering and STEAM programs. We will provide many opportunities for parents to explore and become familiar with these new programs to further enhance student learning. As we look forward to another successful school year, we must remember that “It Takes a Village……” and it is critical that we all consistently communicate and collaborate to ensure our children’s overall academic and social development. The use of Jupiter ED ensures students' grading and attendance are constantly tracked and reviewed. Grades, progress reports, and messaging are all available in real time on this communication tool. Likewise, we will continue to use the IS392 APP, as well as, social media platforms, such as, Facebook, Remind, and Instagram along with our website to keep our school community abreast of school events. All families should check their email and telephone messages regularly to receive grade alerts, progress reports, and behavior anecdotals from school staff. In addition, please update your blue cards, so we can be equipped with the most recent and vital information to reach you or other family members in an emergency. Our goal is to help all students become active problem-solvers, diligent researchers, prolific writers, and expressive speakers. Let’s do all we can to make this school year EXCELLENT!!! 


With your continued collaboration, we will strengthen our school community and ultimately yield better results for all stakeholders. I look forward to our continued partnership and a successful experience at I.S. 392. I am so grateful for the IS392 staff and community — thank you for being a part of it and supporting the work we’re doing with children. Have a wonderful school year. 




Ms. J. Rance-Fisher 


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