Important Information » Attendance



We need your commitment to ensure that your child is here for the full day of instruction on a regular basis. Attendance is one of the measures used to determine grade promotion. Make it a goal to achieve 100% attendance.
The excessive absence and/or lateness of any student will be investigated and followed up via Department of Education guidelines. Students with excessive absence/lateness risk attaining Promotionin Doubt (PID) status


Parents whose child is going to be absent should call the school that morning: (718) 498-2491; provide their child’s name and class and provide a brief reason for the absence. When a student is absent, he/she must bring a signed note from the parent upon return to school. Students who have been absent from school for 3 days or longer due to an illness need to bring a note from a doctor stating the reason for their absence. If parents know ahead of time that their child must be out of school, they should please send a note stating which days will be missed and the reason for the upcoming absence


Extended holiday vacations and vacations at times other than the official school breaks are not sanctioned. For unavoidable extended trips due to family illness or a death in the family, advance documentation (a copy of child’s airline ticket and contact information) must be provided to the main office to avoid triggering an automated report to city agencies. To support with continuing your child’s education, any student on an extended vacation will be provided with activities by the classroom teacher to be completed via our schools Remote Learning platform to the best extent possible.